Thursday, 13 January 2011

Ancestry updates England, Alien Arrivals, 1810-1811, 1826-1869

Another update, this time to a data collection containing lists of aliens (non-British citizens) arriving in England between 1810 and 1869.

Unfortunately there's no indication of the magnitude of the update.

TNA sources are:

FO 83/21-22: Lists of aliens arriving at English ports, August 1810-May 1811; 2 volumes of original lists created under an act passed in 1793 “for establishing regulations respecting Aliens arriving at this Kingdom, or resident therein, in certain cases”
HO 2: Certificates of alien arrivals, 1836-1852; 236 volumes of original certificates arranged by port of arrival
HO 3: Returns of alien passengers, July 1836-December 1869 (with a gap from January 1861 to December 1866); returns made of alien passengers on ships arriving at British ports as required by the Aliens Act, beginning in 1836; formerly known as Lists of Immigrants; also includes some papers on the drafting of the Act, its administration, and proposals for its revision
CUST 102/393-396 Accounts of aliens arriving at London (July-November 1826) and Gravesend (October 1826-August 1837); arranged by certificate of arrival number

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Ellen Thorne Morris said...

More a question, when Irish families emigrated, some using British ports, did any department or company record their names?