25 January 2011

Ancestry ditches experts

The following is an announcement from Ancestry.com

Over a year ago Ancestry.com created Expert Connect as a way to expand its service offerings and provide additional assistance for members through an elite group of professional genealogists and researchers. Through this service, customers were given the opportunity to hire genealogists to retrieve records, perform research or simply acquire expert advice.
Though this service has been a positive experience, Ancestry.com has decided to focus on other business priorities, so as of March 18, 2011, Expert Connect will no longer be a service that Ancestry.com will offer to its members.
Both experts and members currently involved in Expert Connect have been notified of this update. We encourage members to finish out existing projects with experts they have located through the Expert Connect service and if needed, continue relationships for future projects they may have.

For Ancestry it obviously wasn't enough of a money spinner, They continue to be entrepreneurial in trying new things and ruthless when they don't pan out. What's next, DNA?

Maybe there's a niche market for a Rate Your Genealogist service akin to Rate Your Professor

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