Monday, 24 January 2011

LAC targets cultural organizations

For organizations which have always considered LAC as a partner a throw away line in a January 19 press release Library and Archives Canada offers the Free Thinking Society to reschedule Iranium screening in February has potentially substantial implications.

"Over the years, LAC has offered space, when available, at its 395 Wellington Street facility to a variety of non-profit organizations, cultural organizations and professional associations of librarians and archivists. LAC is currently reviewing the use of these spaces by non-governmental organizations."
Could it be that LAC's strategic approach to dealing with the bad press it received recently is by eliminating all use of the building facilities by cultural organizations?


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Mike More said...

Perhaps we need to write some letters to James Moore, the heritage minister, and get him on our side. This could impact the monthly meetings of Ottawa Branch and BIFHSGO as well as the Fall Conference and Gene-O-Rama. Perhaps there is anothe suitable place but we have outgrown Centrepointe for the large conferences and rental of a commercial space would force the prices to be raised significantly. BIFHSGO has met in LAC since it's early days and Ottawa Branch's relationship goes back at least 25 years.