Saturday, 22 January 2011

WDYTYA (BBC): Stephen Fry

Although Stephen Fry is one of the best known people on BBC television, funny, thoughtful, interesting, he's little known in Canada and the US. That's our loss, a reflection on the sad state of North American television.

More evidence, if it were needed, is the half-hearted effort the CBC made three years ago with a Canadian version of Who Do You Think You Are?

Below, in six segments on YouTube, is the Stephen Fry episode of WDYTYA. It's a bit dated, it shows him going to the now shuttered Family Records Centre, but the lessons are timeless.


Carol said...

Thanks for posting this moving episode of WDYTYA featuring the wonderful Stephen Fry.

Cannuk said...

I have been watching the episodes that are available of WDYTYA that are on YouTube. The best one has to be the one about Boris Johnson. Even if you can't stand him as a politician, or even his personality, do check out this one. It is amazing!