Monday, 24 January 2011

A very nice surprise from BBC WDYTYA magazine

Imagine how I felt when I saw this image staring back at me from Audrey Collins' blog The Family Recorder.

BBC Who Do You Think You Are magazine is one I only get to see on trips to the UK so it was a complete and utter surprise to have the blog recognized. Thank you BBC WDYTYA.

I'm getting an increasing number of tips from readers which helps me provide you better coverage. Please keep them coming

Audrey's blog posting notes that Chris Paton's blog Scottish GENES ' is selected as the Professional's Choice. Chris' blog is one I rarely miss and borrow from occasionally; the same with Audrey's.

This gives me a chance to remind those with Scottish interests that Chris will be lecturing for OGS Toronto Branch on 18 June 2011. There's more information at

Wouldn't it be nice to get Audrey here before too long!


GW said...

Congratulations JOHN ...for those of us with British roots, your blog is a necessary starting point every morning. You have kept us informed of new web sites, databases, developments in the family history and genealogical communities and where would we be without your opinion on matters affecting what we do! You call this "a very nice surprise" ... I say, "recognition well deserved"!

DWP said...

In this post John states "
BBC Who Do You Think You Are magazine is one I only get to see on trips to the UK". If John or anyone else in the Ottawa area wants to see (somewhat out-of-date) issues of this magazine, I suggest that they try Britton's in the Glebe or in Westboro. Today at the Westboro store I bought one of the three copies of the Christmas edition that were on the shelf.

Marian Press said...

Congratulations, John. Well deserved.

Chris Paton said...

Congratulations John - and looking forward to Toronto!