Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Another OGS fee increase?

The Ontario Genealogical Society increased fees substantially for 2010, and was pleasantly surprised that fewer than feared members chose not to renew.

Now there is discussion within the Society of a further fee increase.

One of the concerns the last time was that to compensate for the general fee increase members would drop affiliation with a branch, which requires an additional fee of typically $15. This may have occurred as the notion behind this increase is to require OGS members to also be a member of their local branch.

Depending on the branch being a local member can be the best value for money an OGS member gets.

One possible modification to the proposal would grandfather existing members so that only new members would be subject to the enhanced membership requirement.

How far this idea goes is to be seen. If you are an OGS member and feel strongly one way or another, or if you have an opinion on the grandfathering proposal, why not contact your local regional director. There's a list at http://www.ogs.on.ca/home/structure4.php.  Comments on the blog are always welcome.

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