Wednesday, 5 November 2014

DNA: People of the British Isles Project

The talk I've been waiting for from the Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2014 event in Dublin by Daniel Crouch of the University of Oxford on the People of the British Isles Project is now posted on YouTube. I'm not the only one who was waiting; it received 43 views in just the first two hours.
The presentation discusses recent work on the genetic history of Britain and Ireland, and how it is becoming possible to localise your DNA to specific subregions within the two islands. In addition, analysis of facial features, and the specific genes that control appearance are discussed.
Information from the talk is that the results will likely become available in the timeframe of about a year for commercial (and other) organizations to apply and mention of discussions with 23andMe and AncestryDNA.
If you have British or Irish ancestry it is recommended viewing, but do be aware that "because this is a rapidly advancing field, the content may quickly become outdated."
View from (updated) and if that doesn't work go to, search for Genetic Genealogy Ireland and click on the link for Crouch's presentation.


Anonymous said...

Video is private, with sign-in required.

JDR said...

I just checked and it works for me, no problem.

Rick Roberts said...

Was blocked too (10:15 am Nov 5 from Milton, Ontario IP location). received a notice of "Private"

JDR said...

Thanks to Rick the problem seems to be corrected.

SharonTX said...

I also received a "Private" notice, however it is simple enough to find the YouTube page for all of the posted videos (or that individual one) with Google.

I searched for: Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2014 YouTube