Sunday, 2 November 2014

Family Chronicle: Nov/ Dec 2014

The lead article in this issue is "From the Boys at the Front" based on a bundle of letters accumulated by author George Matheson's grandfather, a pastor. The extracts quoted illustrate:
"two contrasting and often intertwining themes, one being the awful reality of life (and death) at the Front and the other, the sense of 'ongoing' life either as experienced within that reality as carried over in memories of life back home."
The next two articles are on genealogy travel. In "Immersion Genealogy" Lisa Alzo shares her thoughts on walking in her ancestor's footsteps in Slovakia while Sandy Hack explains the challenges of exploring ancestry in Europe's last dictatorship, Belarus - It's Complicated.

Other contents in the Nov/Dec issue of Family Chronicle are:

245 Real and Precious Friends
Mary Kircher Roddy researches newspapers and discovers an intriguing family connection to a tragic 1908 railroad accident in Novato, California

Starring… Your Family!
David A. Norris takes a look at home movies and family history

Ten Hidden Sources You Might Be Missing
Have you really looked everywhere for your ancestors? Lisa A. Alzo suggests ten hidden sources you may have overlooked

The Lopsided Tree
Elaine Ford goes on a mission to locate the ancestors of her great-great-grandparents, Thomas L. Ford and Anna E. Ford

Finding Lost Boys
Claire Jordan, a genealogist and military historian, traces the lives of a WWI family through a collection of letters, photos and other documents

In the final installment of her series, Janice Nickerson looks at innovative ways to share your family history

The Back Page
Dig a little through history and understand how they lived

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