Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Genealogy on YouTube : PRONI

In the little over a week that BIFHSGO has had its own channel on YouTube the first video, Lucille Campey's talk "Ignored But Not Forgotten: Canada's English Immigrants" has more than 100 views. I wondered how that compared so checked out some other genealogy-related channels.
The Public Record Office for Northern Ireland has been active for more than three years and remains so with 14 videos published on YouTube in the past month. One of those, Irish Language & Culture - PRONI - Ulster Protestant Gaelic Tradition has more views than the Campey video.
The most popular are in the Exploring Local History Lecture Series by PRONI and Open University Ireland (OUI) which date from three years ago, especially the introduction to the series with more than 1,850 views.
While on YouTube and Ireland, a reminder that videos from last month's Genetic Genealogy Ireland conference are available through their channel and receiving many views:

Maurice Gleeson - Which DNA test is best for you? (597 views)
Brad Larkin - DNA vs the Irish Annals (619 views)
Cathy Swift - Emerging dynasties in a maritime world: hunting for Brian Boru’s genetic legacy (452 views)
Daniel Crouch - Genetic analysis of the People of the British Isles project (500 views)
Tyrone Bowes - Pinpointing your Irish Origin & beyond (409 views)

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