Friday, 7 November 2014

Deceased Online adds Pembrokeshire Records

Records for 11 cemeteries and burial grounds scattered around Pembrokeshire and crematorium in Narberth (Arberth) are the latest additions at The sites, managed by Pembrokeshire Council, are:

Parc Gwyn Crematorium; records from 1968
Llanion Cemetery, Pembroke Dock; records from 1869
City Road Cemetery, Haverfordwest; records from 1926
Llanwnda Cemetery, Goodwick, Fishguard; records from 1906
St Michaels Cemetery, Pembroke; records from 1895
Monkton Cemetery, Pembroke; records from 1895
Freystrop Cemetery (near Haverfordwest); records from 1938
St Ishmaels Cemetery (near Dale); records from 1957
Llangwm Cemetery; records from 1938
Nolton Cemetery, Nolton Haven; records from 1954
Llanfair Nan-ty-gof Cemetery, Trecwn; records from 1966
Rosemarket Cemetery; records from 2004

There are approximately 50,000 individual cremation and 36,000 burial records comprising the following range of data available:

Digital scans of cremation registers, 1968-1999
Computerised records for all remaining sites and post 1999 for the crematorium
Grave details indicating all those buried within each grave
Maps indicating the section of a cemetery or burial ground where graves are located

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