10 November 2014

Lucille Campey Inaugurates BIFHSGO YouTube Channel

The lead-off plenary presentation at September's BIFHSGO 20th anniversary conference, Ignored But Not Forgotten: Canada's English Immigrants given by Lucille Campey is the first item on the new society YouTube Channel. Based on her book with the same title Lucille gives a comprehensive overview of English immigration and answers audience questions.
Thanks to Nick and Noah from Communique Direct Studios for the video production.
Although this is the first video on BIFHSGO's channel it isn't the first time for BIFHSGO on YouTube. Remember this from Chris Paton's plenary talk at the 2012 BIFHSGO conference?


Ellen Thorne Morris said...

It was a pleasure to watch and listen to the talk by Lucille Campey on English immigrants to Canada. I have only visited Newcastle, Thornhill, and Toronto, researching my Loyalist and French roots so am very interested to learn about the rest of Canada. I hope other such lectures might appear on Youtube for armchair genealogists. The note that her book is an "ebook" was also useful as I can order it from New Jersey.

Ellen Thorne Morris said...