Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Mostly local genealogy news and teasers

Kirsty Gray berated me on Monday evening for her photo posted here yesterday from on Sunday afternoon's event. Could it be a case of "shoot the messenger?"
Maybe this of her completing a transaction with Patricia McGregor of Patricia J. McGregor Books, with BIFHSGO conference treasurer Cliff Adams in line, will be more to her liking. Both were purchasing her book Tracing Your West Country Ancestors.
Kirsty alerted me to expect a significant announcement next Monday. Stay tuned.
Also on Monday evening I learnt that the program for the 2015 Ontario Genealogical Society conference is decided with three well known international speakers selected. Expect them to be announced by OGS once the formal agreements are in place.
Glenn Wright mentioned he had finally tracked down a grandfather in the 1911 census thanks in part to the post here yesterday on the 1911 Canadian census becoming available on Familysearch. His tale of having to sort through a trail of poor indexing and geographical error shows that skill, perseverance, being alert to new resources becoming available and inspiration from attending lectures can all come together to make a breakthrough on seemingly intractable problems.

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Kirsty Gray said...

The other photo was particularly awful! This is much better - thank you John!