Friday, 28 November 2014

Deceased Online adds Lincoln Records

Deceased Online now has records for the following Lincoln cemeteries and Lincoln Crematorium:

  • Canwick Road Cemetery (both the new and old cemeteries): records from 1856.
  • Eastgate Cemetery: records from 1856
  • Newport Cemetery: records from 1856
  • St Margaret's Cemetery: records from 1907
  • St Swithin’s, Washingborough Road: records from 1890
  • Lincoln Crematorium 1968 (68,100)
Records up to 2011 comprise:
Scans of original registers (until the 1990's when replaced by computerised records, dates vary by site)
Computerised register records (from the 1990's, dates vary by site)
Grave details indicating all those buried within each grave
Maps indicating the section of a cemetery where graves are located
The total number of individual burials in the locations above is approximately 70,000 with over 68,000 cremations records.

More information about these records is at

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