Saturday, 8 November 2014

Jewish Heritage in England

This week the Toronto Family History Centre weekly bulletin has information of particular interest to those of us with British Jewish ancestry.

1. The National Anglo-Jewish Heritage Trail Website aims to raise awareness of the history of Jews in England. There are 22 trails currently online, each has pictures and a description of places of importance for Jews. Start at

2. Many of genealogist Harold Pollins' articles on the history of Jews in Oxfordshire originally published in the Oxford Menorah are available on online:

1993: An Unknown Soldier: Harry Mitchell Davidson, A World War I Jewish Soldier from Oxford and his Family1996: It's a Small World2002: The Lynn Family of Oxford2003: Isaac or Levi or Lewis or Percy Levi Solomon of Oxford2003: Habonim in Oxford in WWII (updated 2012)
2004: The Jufra Club in the Second World War2005: M.E. Slapoffski of Oxford2005: Rabbi Jacob Weinberg leaves Oxford2006: Two Unknown Welsh Synagogues, and an Oxford Connection2009: Slapoffskis in Oxford2010: Thame and its Jews2011: The Last Minister of Oxford2012: The Freedsons in Oxford2013: Phillip Cohen of Oxford 1791-18772013: Solomon Moses Mitchel. A transient in Oxford2014: Ministers in Oxford2014: Oxford Jewish Casualties in First World War - Three Mysteries

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