Sunday, 9 November 2014

Saskatchewan Historic Newspapers Online

The first stage of an ambitious project to digitize newspapers from across Saskatchewan from 1878 through to the mid 1960s is now online. Available at the moment are newspapers published during the first part of the Great War period, most for 1914 and 1915.

You can browse page images, they are ordered alphabetically by month and date. You can also search by keywords within the newspaper name and within article headlines, as well as by the community associated with the newspaper. They hope to add a search functions to include the full text of the newspapers (which is reliant on the Optical Character Recognition), as well as to implement a controlled vocabulary of subject headings in the indefinite future.

Newspapers and years available are: Alameda Dispatch - 1914, 1915; Carlyle Herald - 1914; Cupar Herald - 1914, 1915; Elrose Review - 1915; Svoboda ( Jersey City, NJ) - 1914; Lloydminster Times and District News - 1914; Lloydminster Review - 1914; (Melfort) Journal - 1915; Melfort Moon - 1914, 1915;  Milestone Mail - 1914, 1915;  (Moosomin) World-Spectator - 1914, 1915; St. Peter's Bote (Munster) - 1914, 1915; Nokomis Times - 1915; Rosetown Eagle - 1914, 1915;  (Saskatoon) Saturday Press - 1914, 1915; (Saskatoon) Whip - 1915; Strassburg Mountaineer - 1914, 1915; Viscount Sun - 1914, 1915; Wadena Herald - 1914, 1915; Wakaw Recorder - 1914, 1915; Watson Witness - 1914, 1915; (Whitewood) Herald - 1914, 1915; Wilkie Press - 1914, 1915; Wolseley News - 1914, 1915; Yorkton Enterprise - 1914, 1915.

The goal to have the rest of the Great War online by November 2015 and then continue on to the remaining years in bite-sized, thematic sections (i.e. the settlement of the province, The Great
Depression, WWII, etc.).  When completed, the collection will amount toover 10 million pages of newsprint.

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Glenn W said...

This is indeed good news. Clearly, there will never be a national strategy to digitize newspapers (something you have advocated in the past), we have made great strides -- many BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec papers are now online. We are in need of a portal (or something)to bring all of this under one umbrella - if such a site already exists, please let me know! As family history researchers, we need access to historical newspapers and we are, so it seems, achieving that end. Good news about Saskatchewan!