Wednesday, 27 January 2016 emphasizes the negative

Every so often I receive a PR shot on behalf of Ancestry,ca. The latest, aimed at promoting the company autosomal DNA test, starts:

Ancestry report reveals nearly one-quarter of Canadians unaware of where ancestors emigrated from

As Canada commits to welcoming 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of February, new research reveals that many Canadians are in the dark when it comes to their own family’s immigration story.

·         Majority of Canadians (90%) feel that immigration is important to Canadian culture

·         Yet, almost one-third (32%) say they don’t know when the first member of their family immigrated to Canada

I suppose good news is no news.

Looked at positively, over three-quarters of Canadians are aware of where their ancestors emigrated from, and more than two-thirds know when. Does that really warrant emphasising the negative and characterising many Canadians as "in the dark"?

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As for AncestryDNA, Have you seen the lederhosen ad and wondered why the German tradition wasn't substantiated by DNA testing, a more interesting question to follow up from the results. Was there an NPE?

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps his Scottish/Irish ancestors were part of a group migration to Germany? BBC Radio Scotland has recently run a fascinating series on Scots in Russia going back to the days of Peter the Great. Two of the three episodes are still available for replay at: