Monday, 18 January 2016

Please Help Home Child Research

John Sayers, a name well known to the home child research community, is looking for volunteers to help extract information from the Government of Canada, Immigration Program: Central Registry Files.
It's an example of a file with a fairly innocuous name that may just hold the key to discovering brick-wall-breaking information. But the file has no index so likely wouldn't be found by any but the most determined researcher.
That can change if the file is indexed and the index put online as have many of the previous indexing projects led by John for The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa in partnership with Library and Archives Canada.
With major digitization of the file having been accomplished so you can view an image online you don't have to be in Ottawa to volunteer, you don't even have to be in Canada, just have access to a reasonable speed internet connection.
Want to see what you might be getting yourself into? Go to (if the link doesn't work for you search for ) and search for C-4745 which  is one of the films being extracted, then go to Image 8 or 9 and click on that, then go over to the Drop Down Box at the left side and scroll down to Image 1151 – part of a Waifs and Strays film already started.
Those who volunteer will be given the full instructions on how to access the records and input the information into an Excel database.
If you are interested in participating and can spare some time for this project please contact John Sayers at sayersji at

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Familycomesfirst said...

At least on my computer this link is broken and my security network will not allow me to look further.