Monday, 11 January 2016

Canadian Casualties from the Toronto World Newspaper

Several short transcription volumes are being published by Ontario military historian and genealogist Ken Scheffler. The two most recent, presently available free in the Kindle store, are:

Canadian Casualties: Toronto World -- April 1915, published on 7 January 2016
Canadian Casualties: Toronto World – December 1915,  published 5 January 2016

Other Kindle publications in the series, for July through October 1915, were published in December and are now listed for $1.38 Canadian. However, has some of these without charge.

For deaths the information is very much the same as at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. For those and others Library and Archives Canada's Soldiers of the First World War database of attestation papers and an increasing number of service files will likely have much the same information, and more. There are always exceptions.

Other First World War era publications by Scheffler at lulu.con are Canadian Expeditionary Force enlistments by regimental number of the 193rd, 230th, 232nd, 233rd, 234th, 235th, 254th and 255th Battalions.

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Glenn W said...

Good to know this kind of research is being done, newspaper information is so important to all of us interested in family history and genealogy. For the Toronto area, a similar resource was published by York Region Branch OGS more than a decade ago, i.e., Norm Jolly, York County Men & Women who gave their lives in World War I, volume II: Toronto City. Jolly scoured the pages of the Toronto STAR for the entire war, but also used other sources. His entries are generally brief, but often include information not found in a soldier's service documents. It seems that Toronto has been well-served by energetic researchers!