Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Study English Genealogy in Birmingham Alabama

Registration opens Tuesday January 19 at 11 am for the 2016 Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research, to be held June 12-17, 2016, at Samford University in Birmingham Alabama.

Owing to the heavy US orientation that wouldn't normally merit mention on this blog. Birmingham, England and WDYTYA? Live would be more likely.

However, this year Samford is more interesting as previous BIFHSGO speaker Paul Milner will be giving a series of lectures on Tracing Your English Ancestors.

Read the details of the course and how to register at this post on Paul's website.

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Paul Milner said...

Thanks John for the promotion and link. I have had Canadians come in the past to the Institute so it would be nice to see more. Canadians bring a different perspective on English research than the Americans bring to the group.