Friday, 8 January 2016

The Ottawa Genealogist: January - March 2016

Did you know that Blondin walked on a tightrope stretched across Ottawa's Chaudiere Falls in 1859, shortly after he'd crossed Niagara Falls. He did so three times: without a pole and performing various
tricks; with his pole, blindfolded, and walking backwards at times; a return crossing with 'bushel' baskets on his feet with the aid of a pole. Amazing.

That's from from the regular Old Time Stuff section of Vol 49, no 1, of The Ottawa Genealogist, now available and a benefit for members of Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.

There's plenty of genealogy too.
Grace Lewis continues her article Researching Families of Rideau Canal Workers in the Ottawa, Canada Area. Using Resources Available at the OBOGS Library.
Mike More looks at his immigrant ancestors in More Family Immigrants to Canada. 
Linda L. Reid from Toronto answers the question Does An Autosomal DNA Test Really Deliver?

and (as they say) much more . . .

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