Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Alberta Civil Registration Indexes online

Shannon's Research Services has very welcome news for Alberta researchers. The Provincial Archives of Alberta has digitized vital statistics indexes and or registers.

Don't expect to be able to enter a name in a search box, click and find all hits. These are basically images of the original indexes divided by year, or name, or whatever system the government choose. It will take a little time to understand and more to browse for your entry of interest. Maybe some organization will use the information to provide a searchable index.

The indexes are now available online for births (1870-1897)marriages (1870-1942), and deaths (1870-1967).


Wayne Shepheard said...


It is certainly about time these lists were made available to search online. People should take the necessary precautions when looking for relatives, though. On the marriage index, my own grandfather's name was misspelled as Sheppard!

Wayne Shepheard

Gail B said...

Nice to put a face to a name I know, Wayne Shepheard. I will not only look at these carefully, John, but forward to me siblings and cousins also from Alberta. Our name has been badly mangled, both my maiden name and married name, by various Registrar Generals. So be cautious, when using indices, everyone.

Glenn Wright said...

Absolutely the best news I have had in a long while! I can now double-check and verify my Wright research and even some of my early Ukrainian roots. Great news and about time!

Shannon Switzer Cherkowski said...

Thanks for the shout out John. It's a great day indeed.

Many volunteers here in Edmonton have been lobbying for this day!!! Volunteers currently transcribing registrations. A lot of work and extremely time intensive.

Dorothy Kew said...

Great news, John! I do a presentation on Vital Statistics in Canada and is good stuff to add to my workshop.