Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Trolley Women

The Spittlefields Life blog has a way of turning the spotlight on the seemingly mundane. A good example for IWD is Tuesday's post Stephen Gill’s Trolley Women.

Take the paragraph below. The words may even seem like parody, but when paired with the photos (go to the blog) exquisitely express the dignity of an overlooked aspect of everyday.
"Observe the hauteur of these noble women, how they grasp the handles of their trolleys with such a firm grip, indicating the strength of their connection to the world. Like eighteenth century aristocrats painted by Gainsborough, these women claim their right to existence and take possession of the place they inhabit with unquestionable authority. Monumental in stature, sentinels wheeling their trolleys through our streets, they are the spiritual guardians of the territory."

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