Sunday, 12 March 2017

New Canadian Militia 1907 Database from BIFHSGO

Announced at Saturday's BIFHSGO meeting, and in my column in the society Spring Anglo-Celtic Roots quarterly chronicle, this new database is an alphabetical index to a list of 1,991 Canadian militia personnel in the permanent or volunteer force in 1907 who were not born in Canada. Most were of British origin.
The information has been hidden away in plain sight in a place most of us don't think to search, a Sessional Paper, since 1908.
The index contains surname and forenames or initials, rank, age, country of origin, military division, page on which the name is found, and a link to the image of the original table. You don't need to be a BIFHSGO member; it's open for all to view, search and retrieve the information at

There's also background information at

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