Thursday, 16 March 2017

An Invitation to Share Your Living DNA Results

For the Ottawa DNA group in May I'm giving a presentation on the Living DNA service to  Compiling a table of results from the Family Ancestry part of the test is part of the preparation. So far I have 11 results collected from web posts and local people. The partial spreadsheet image below is an extract. I'd like to get results from 30 or more tests, people with more than half their ancestry from the British Isles.
One objective is to find out if there are areas that are over or under predicted. At present results for Cornwall look suspicious, but the sample is small.
If you can help please send results, along with the expected sub-regions from which ancestry is expected, to johndreid at gmail dot com. Anonymous results welcome.
Living DNA is a major sponsor for the Ontario Genealogical Society conference in Ottawa this June.


Arlene T. said...

I've sent my results to you. Hope it is what you need

Flameseh? said...

Mine is currently in processing at the lab. Will send to you when results are available-- 11 generations originating in N Yorkshire. said...

How do I get my DNA results i've just received from LivingDNA?
Barry Read

Barry Read said...

I've sent you my Living DNA results. As I told you my father is from Wiltshire and I don't see that reflected in the results of distribution by UK region. My mother is from the UK Midlands and that would explain the wide distribution by region in part.
Barry R

jennyalogy said...

I have written about my results in my blog at

You are welcome to use them or contact me for further information.