Thursday, 2 March 2017

Ottawa DNA Group Meets this Saturday

How many people will brave the cold of next Saturday morning for a presentation by Errol Collins on "The Big Y,"  a Y-chromosome direct paternal lineage test designed to explore deep ancestry?
Big Y is a SNP test offered by Family Tree DNA using Next Generation Sequencing. It helps place men more precisely on our common paternal tree than is possible with STR testing and is increasingly being used in surname studies.
I'm hoping Errol will also discuss the additional analysis of the test results available at extra cost through YFull including an extended range of STR results.
The meeting starts at 9:30 at the Ottawa City Archives, 100 Tallwood.
The January group meeting was standing room only. As this is a more advanced presentation it may not be quite as crowded but consider arriving early to reserve a seat and take advantage of the time to network.

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