Thursday, 2 March 2017

Kyla Ubbink at #OGSConf2017

On Thursday I had the chance to interview Kyla Ubbink who will be giving a Friday morning workshop, A Snap in Time, A Shot for the Future: History of Photographic Process and Preserving Your Photograph at the OGS conference.

I brought along a couple of items for her to examine, she knew items were coming but didn't know what they were. Listen to her describe what she sees and her ideas on how best to conserve and store the artifacts - what you can do yourself and what might warrant professional expertize. The images are from the two items.
We also discussed another workshop Kyla will be giving in Ottawa later this month, Keeping the Past for the Present and the Future: Preservation Techniques for the Home Archive.

Listen to the interview at

The intro music is Just Be from music by longzijun.

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