Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Ontario Genealogist and Family Historian

Between July 1898 and April 1901 12 issues of The Ontario Genealogist and Family Historian were published under the editorship of Edward Marion Chadwick. Issues averaged 16 pages.
The volumes contain compiled genealogies and occurrences (marriages and deaths), mainly for those in the upper ranks of Ontario society.
While it would not likely be productive to read each issue, because they are scanned as part of the Early Canadiana Online collection those with access, including Ottawa and Toronto Public Library cardholders, can search the whole collection at one time free of charge. A limited number of pages can be viewed without subscription.
A Google search for Edward Marion Chadwick gives his dates as 1840-1921. Several other genealogical publications of his are free online.
The usual caution is to be observed, such published genealogies are clues, to be accepted only after skeptical evaluation.

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Glenn W said...

Edward M. Chadwick was born to be a genealogist -- for the 1861 census he was enumerated three times! Fortunately, he had a good day job ... lawyer.