15 March 2017

Ancestry adds Ireland, City and Regional Directories, 1850-1946

You can search a total of 6,171,447 records and browse Ancestry`s collection of Thom`s Directories starting with the seventh annual edition in 1850.
Up until 1922 the directory is for the United Kingdom and Ireland with a focus on Dublin. It doubled in size up to 1922, then drops to its original size with the UK omitted, growing back to the 1922 size by the end of the series.
The focus is on the great, the good, businesses and almanac type information. Nevertheless, it may be useful in lieu of census records prior to 1901 and after 1911.
Missing are the volumes for 1860-62, 1873, 1895, 1900, 1905, 1920, 1923, and 1927.
Findmypast has volumes from 1844 to 1900.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the suggestion for ancestry.com Thom's Directory but I've searched ancestry.com and can find only Thom's 1904 http://search.ancestry.ca/search/cardcatalog.aspx#ccat=hc=25&dbSort=1&title=Thoms&keyword=Thom's& .
Are you able to give a link to the ones you mentioned, please?
Thank you. Peggy.

JDR said...

You should be able to find it in the card catalog, assuming you have a subscription that covers Ireland.