18 October 2009

£33m for the UK newspaper collection

A press release from the British Library is welcome news for those of us with British ancestry.

The British Library has today received a commitment of £33m from the Government to preserve and make accessible the world's greatest newspaper collection.

It will build a new storage facility and digitize more newspapers making them accessible online.
Read the press release at www.bl.uk/news/2009/pressrelease20091016.html

So what has LAC done to preserve and make available Canadian newspapers? Did they even ask for resources as part of the government's Economic Action Plan?

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GW said...

LAC efforts with respect to the digitization of newspapers is laughable -- they digitized a large number of Quebec newspapers, created a little web site for them, an "essential historical source" we are told. Well, essential for nothing -- what on earth is the research value of a single issue of a newspaper? Support from the government? Only in Britain you say? Pity.