11 October 2009

The Obituary Daily Times

There are databases you know about but don't often have occasion to go to. For me the Obituary Daily Times fits into that category. A daily index of published obituaries, you can subscribe to it on Rootsweb, at GEN-OBIT, but to avoid being swamped I prefer using the search engine at www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~obituary/ as required

It's an index so entries look like:

OVERTON, Mildred (OAKLEY); 93; Pittsfield MA; Berkshire Eagle; 2000-10-17; pixie

A search will find hits for the term anywhere in the item so beware surnames that are also locations.

There are instructions on the web site about getting the complete published obit.

You may also want to try Online Obituaries at www3.sympatico.ca/jacquest/online.htm which is particularly strong in recent Canadian obits.

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Thomas MacEntee said...

Thanks for mentioning The Obituary Daily Times. I am a volunteer for the group and I index about 15 obituaries a day from my small hometown newspaper in New York. Anyone can volunteer and the training is excellent - they have a standard method of indexing to make certain the data is meaningful to researchers.