31 October 2009

An invitation to the Librarian and Archivist of Canada

Since his appointment earlier in the year Daniel J Caron, Librarian and Archivist of Canada, has kept a low profile. The community for which LAC is a significant resource are wondering about the directions in which he intends steering the organization.

In mid-August Caron, chaired a panel on Archives for Effective Democracy at a Society for American Archivists conference in Austin, Texas. I was interested to see the slides accompanying a presentation he gave, available at http://saa.archivists.org/Scripts/4Disapi.dll/4DCGI/events/eventdetail.html?Action=Events_Detail&Time=-1488860178&SessionID=7731698vqi5735l2r8f8577lrs40d7564nt8y9j61u78n32cah7e66y96973997f&InvID_W=1106

The penultimate slide had the title The Way Forward: Modernization. The bullets underneath being:

- Rethinking the structure of our knowledge institutions
- Revisiting our work processes
- Redefining skills and competencies.

Perhaps Dr. Caron would take advantage of the LAC Services Advisory Board meeting in the building in Gatineau in which he has his office, to connect with this representative client group to share how LAC is proceeding forward, the timetable, and where it's leading.

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