01 October 2009

Government infrastructure investment at LAC

A press release, Government of Canada update on Economic Action Plan Investments in the National Capital Region, announces a total of over $88 million for repair and restoration work in federal buildings, bridges and facilities in more than 60 projects in the National Capital Region. It includes mentioned of work being done at 395 Wellington St.

"PWGSC is making a number of upgrades to the building including: front entrance granite repairs and replacement of two high voltage transformers."

In the case of the front entrance granite repairs this is work that has been going on for 18 months, well before the government economic action plan, as the result of an employee tripping and breaking an arm. Quite why this work has been dragged out for so long by Public Works is likely as much a mystery to LAC as it is to the rest of us.

The announcement refers to the building as the "National Library and Public Archives." apparently news of the organization name change several years ago has yet to reach PWGSC!

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