18 October 2009

Saturday at OGS Quinte Branch

On Saturday I spent a most enjoyable day in Trenton, Ontario, speaking to the Quinte Branch of the Ontario Genealogy Society.

The Branch meets in the Council chambers of the building which also houses the public library, with a magnificent view looking over the mouth of the Trent River. There's convenient free parking.

While I'd hesitate to say it's the MOST active, Quinte Branch must rank right up there. They're welcoming and friendly. They have some great local resources on their web site.

I drove from Ottawa in the morning, leaving a bit before 9am, arriving in plenty of time to grab a sandwich in Trenton, before finding the building and the Council chambers. Thanks to Bob Dawes the set-up was done well in time. I had a chance to chat with Georgette Green, and pay a quick visit to the Branch library housed in a room within the public library, before the event got underway with 60 or so people in the room. I was told that attendance at their meetings has been growing, meaning they've moved to a larger room since the last time I spoke there.

Branch chair Dick Hughes welcomed all, especially newcomers, and made a plea for additional volunteers. Some things you hear no matter where you go.

Bob Dawes has posted a summary of the meeting on the Branch website at www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~canqbogs/news_2009-2010.htm#Immigrants

I was told people enjoyed the meeting. I know I did, especially talking to folks about their problems after the presentation. I was back in Ottawa by 7 pm, exhausted and pleased with how the day had gone.

If you're a online genealogist and have never gone to a local society meeting I suggest that you make the effort to attend one. Chances are you'll enjoy it, and you may just find ways and resources that will make your research online more productive.

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