14 October 2009

An abomination

Checking out the developing Family Search site at http://search.labs.familysearch.org I tried a search on a family I've been investigating from my native county of Norfolk in England.

Why does the site insists that I search Norfolkshire, an abomination. Why not Suffolkshire, Essexshire, Kentshire, Sussexshire or Surreyshire?

Perhaps someone in Salt Lake Cityville has an explanation?


Old Census Scribe said...


Even Devonshire doesn't fit with 20th and 21st practice.

Seaside counties aren't often shires, are they?

FranE said...

Working on the indexing end, I will tell you that any feed back you give them will help...It is a work in progress. As the kids say, "It ain't done yet"

JDR said...

OSS: Going round the coast, it seems to be a mixture. Six - Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Cheshire,Lancashire, clearly take the shire suffix. Nine - Northumberland, Durham, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Cornwall, Cumberland do not. Three others I've seen both ways, Dorset(shire), Devon(shire), Somerset(shire). Have I missed any?

Anonymous said...

The English Shires and ceremonial counties, and equivalents, with "irregular" names include Northumberland (Northumbria), [County] Durham, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Cornwall, Cumbria (Cumberland and Westmorland), Rutland, the City of London, the City of Westminster, Greater London/County of London, Middlesex and the Isle of Wight. Some equivalents also exist in both Wales and in Scotland.