22 October 2009

LAC - what's cool!

LAC advises that all events taking place at 395 Wellington are cancelled until the end of day, Sunday, October 25, 2009. Currently, the building has no heat or hot water.

I was briefly in the building today, Thursday. It was cool, and cold for those trying to work there.

Apparently a district heating plant in Gatineau is providing heat for the Parliament Buildings and 240 Sparks, but LAC at 395 Wellington isn't considered a high priority.

For updates on this situation, please consult the following Web page: www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/whats-new/013-421-e.html.

1 comment:

Mary Anne said...

"LAC at 395 Wellington isn't considered a high priority"

Wait just a little minute here!!! not a high priority according to WHOM???? This is a federal building that not only houses several hundred (or more?) EMPLOYEES who are entitled, through Health and Safety requirements, to a proper workplace environment. This is ALSO a building HEAVILY used by the general public (dare one say "TAXPAYERS"??) who also are entitled to proper environmental conditions.

I am sorry about the accident, and certainly my thoughts are with the injured workers. However, I think that the management of the public service needs to get its THUMB OUT and recognize when the public interest is served. And it is best served by keeping the facilities at LAC at the top of the priority list for service in this case!!

Just my Humble Opinion, of course!

Mary Anne