14 November 2009

ACOM (Ancestry.com) trading stabilizes

In its first full week of trading on the NASDAQ shares of Ancestry.com moved in a narrowing price range on declining volume.

On Friday the stock closed at $13.52, two cents above the previous close having traded in the range ($13.60 - $13.44). Volume was 83,825.

The high price for the week was $14.18 on Monday, the low $13.40 on both Monday and Tuesday.

Volume fell from
954,200 on Monday, to 293,100 on Tuesday, 66,000 on Wednesday (Remembrance/Memorial Day), 92,900 on Thursday, and 83,825 on Friday.

The stock is trading at a P/E ratio of
48.48. This compares to 78.40 for Amazon and 36.90 for Google.

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