09 November 2009

Acting up/who's who at LAC

Marian Press, a colleague on the Library and Archives Canada Services Advisory Board, pointed out a couple of movements of people to different management positions. Quite a few changes, several on an acting basis, have occurred since the appointment of Daniel J Caron as Librarian and Archivist.

At the Assistant Deputy Minister level:

Doug Rimmer moved from ADM Programs and Services to ADM Documentary Heritage Collection Sector
Marie-Josée Martel is Acting ADM Programs and Services Sector
Zahra Pourjafar-Ziaei is Acting ADM Corporate Management Sector

Focusing on the two large components within the Programs and Services Sector:

Donna Sianchuk is Director General, with responsibility for:
Program Planning
Hana Hrusk, Director
Public Programs and Exhibitions
Mijin Kim, Director
Web Services
Diane L Beattie, Director

Alison Bullock is A/Director General, with responsibility for:
Access to Information, Privacy and Personel Records
Bill Wood, A/Director
Client Services
Robert Grandmaître, A/Director
Engagement and Coordination
Roanne Mokhtar, A/Manager
Resource Sharing and Rights Management

If you use LAC on-site you will be dealing with Client Services staff in:

The Canadian Genealogy Centre
Sylvie Tremblay, Chief
Consultation Services
Sylvie Robitaille, Chief
Reference Services
Marie-Josée Tolszczuk, Head

If you need to contact these people, perhaps to send compliments for a job well done, find contact information through Government Electronic Directory Services at http://sage-geds.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/cgi-bin/direct500/eng/TE?FN=index.htm

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