Saturday, 28 November 2009

New UK government policy on archives

"Archives for the 21st Century" is a strategic vision for the archives sector which re-asserts the vital importance of archives as the gateway to the UK's common heritage, while reflecting the extraordinary advances in technology that offer both challenges and unprecedented opportunities.

Five key recommendations are enunciated to help the sector build the foundations for a more sustainable future and respond to the challenges of the digital information age:

  • Develop bigger and better services in partnership - working towards increased sustainability within the sector
  • Strengthened leadership and a responsive, skilled workforce
  • Co-ordinated response to the growing challenge of managing digital information so that it is accessible now and remains discoverable in the future
  • Comprehensive online access for archive discovery through catalogues and to digitised archive content by citizens at a time and place that suits them
  • Active participation in cultural and learning partnerships promoting a sense of identity and place within the community.
The document and other complementary material at be required reading for those facing similar challenges in other countries.

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