21 November 2009

Genealogical Societies go video

The (US) National Genealogical Society has announced the release of Paths to Your Past, a twelve-minute video documentary available online (www.ngsgenealogy.org) and on DVD, in which noted US genealogists and family researchers tell why they are passionate about researching their family history.

Paths to Your Past is produced by award-winning cinematographer Allen Moore. View it online at www.ngsgenealogy.org/cs/paths_to_your_past

I was also delighted to see the (UK) Society of Genealogists apply YouTube, to make itself better known. They recently put on line four short videos:

FREE Access to Major Online Databases at the Society of Genealogists

FREE Help and Advice with your Family History from the Society of Genealogists

Family History Skills Courses at the Society of Genealogists

Michael Gandy, Editor of The Genealogist talks to Else Churchill

They'll never make it to the most viewed YouTube list, and suffer by comparison to the professional NGS video, yet still show encouraging signs of an organization in transition.

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