23 November 2009

OGS to digitize Tweedsmuir histories

Federated Women's Institutes of Ontario and the Ontario Genealogical Society have reached an agreement to digitize and place online over three year the rural histories known as the Tweedsmuir Histories.

Of 1 500 WI Branches, 989 are known to have created a local history of their area, comprising an estimated half million pages of local Ontario history. The books, dating from the mid-20th century, include a history of the local settlers in the area, the agricultural practices and industries that formed the basis of the local economy, the social institutions such as churches, schools and community centres, and local personalities. For many tiny communities, the Tweedsmuir History is the only history created.

Read the full announcement at www.ogs.on.ca/home/news.php

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Mary Anne said...

And will the histories be available to the public online, or will they only be accessible to OGS members?