Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Canadian Genealogy Centre website update

Sylvie Tremblay, Chief of the Canadian Genealogy Centre, sends the following:

Library and Archives Canada is pleased to announce that the following pages of the Canadian Genealogy Centre web site have been recently updated: Abbreviations used in French records, Bibliography, Canadian Forces after 1918 (including Second World War), Criminal Records, Divorce, Events, First World War, Genealogical Societies, Irish, Jewish, Newspapers, North West Mounted Police, Notarial Records, Provincial and territorial Archives, Provincial land records, Reference Sites.

For most of the pages, the updates are for typos, broken links and change of wording. However, please note that the First World War and Canadian Froces after 1918 pages now include contact information for armed forces of other countries.

Also, the search help page for the CEF database has been updated regarding the instructions on how to order a copy of a complete file.

Library and Archives Canada is also pleased to announce that the guide Researching Your Aboriginal Ancestry at Library and Archives Canada has been entirely revised and is now available in html and pdf format. Updates include a section about records for the French Regime, revised web links and more book titles in the bibliography.

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