20 November 2009

Sydney Morning Herald from 1831 digitized, online and free

Australia's National Library continues to lead the way in historic newspaper digitization.

"The digitisation of The Sydney Morning Herald was made possible by a $1 million contribution from the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation. Eventually, all out-of-copyright editions of the Herald will be available, from its inception in 1831 to 1954. It is now just over a year since Australian Newspapers was released to the public and there are 8.5 million articles available from 33 newspaper titles. A community of volunteer ‘text correctors’ has now corrected 7 million lines of the electronically translated text in 318 000 articles, enabling more accurate search results."

Access the Collection (via Trove) at http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/page/1521454

via Resource Shelf at www.resourceshelf.com/2009/11/19/australia-historic-newspaper-digitisation-early-editions-of-sydney-morning-herald-now-available-online-what-is-trove/

Has LAC explored obtaining funding for newspaper digitization through private charitable foundations?

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