07 July 2011

Does LAC really listen?

I recently ordered a book to be available at LAC, but hadn't understood some of the terminology in the catalogue entry so asked in the order email to be contacted to let me know if it was available. When two days later I hadn't received a reply I called. The helpful person at LAC didn't understand the catalogue terminology either, but said someone would get back to me, which they did a couple of hours later.

I was also requested to fill in a survey at www.laclistens.ca. It contains questions specific to your last interaction with LAC, and some of a more general nature.

It's easy to ask survey questions, and say you're listening. Yes Minister taught all public servants to use the title of a report "to dispose of the difficult bit."

While I appreciate the opportunity to provide the feedback, feedback on the feedback would help ensure the time respondents gave to complete the survey was in fact rewarded by being listened to.

Better would be a continuing series of consultation sessions where service deficiencies could be regularly and repeatedly raised.

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