07 July 2011

Old time Ottawa genealogists identified

Thanks to Bruce Elliott, who evidently started doing genealogy in the cradle, who has identified two of the people mentioned in my June 9 posting on Genealogical archival information at LAC.  

Bruce wrote "Gordon Crouse was an early member of Ottawa Branch OGS, and one of those rare individuals who did genealogical research hereabouts prior to 1967.  He was also editor of the "Pontiac Advance" newspaper in Shawville.  Esther Osborne was a member of the LDS Church, still active when their Family History Centre first opened in Ottawa."


marjorea said...

I'm surprised that there were no comments about Gordon Crouse from Quinte Branch OGS members. He was instrumental in founding that branch after he moved to the area. I still use charts which he had printed by a Picton printer.

Ellen Conrad said...

Esther Osborne worked on our family lines, with my father, for years. She untiringly helped all who needed help. Happy to see her name in print.

I wish I could share with her now, the extended information we have located!