05 July 2011

More Alberta Homestead Records on the Internet Archive

Back in April this blog reported that microfilm reel images  # 2083, 2084, and 2087-2095 from the series 70.313 of Alberta Homestead Records had become available on the Internet Archive.

Since then additional reels have quietly been added.

There are now 326 reels from #2000 to 2537, with gaps and more to come.

Claims were filed between 1870 and 1930. The files normally contain an application for a homestead, an application for patent, and a notice that a patent has been issued.

See my previous post for information on an index.

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Persephone said...

Great. I'm trying to tackle my homework with an online Pharos course while downloading all the free probate notices from Ancestry that I can, then you hit me with this, Mr Reid.

Well, my husband's grandfather and maternal great-grandfather are not available yet, but his great-uncle is -- in two different files. The first one was easy; he was near the beginning, but he was past the middle of the second. Your readers may need to know that the available files are not in numerical order and that the files-within-the-files are not in alphabetical order, so it will be a tad like old-fashioned micro-film churning.

However, your readers may also want to know that some files contain such gems as hand-written letters, death certificates, and wills. The best way to actually be able to read this stuff (which is quite faint in some cases) is to download the document to one's computer (choose the side of the document you want and move the mouse there to click "save as") where, for the most part, it is much more readable.

I found some great stuff on that great-uncle, but it took a very long time to track it down.