23 July 2011

Internet Genealogy: August/September 2011 issue

Here are the contents from the latest, August/ September issue of Internet Genealogy, with my comments interspersed.
Mobile Genealogy: Family History Research on Your Phone, Tablet and More! 
Tony Bandy examines the latest developments in the world of mobile genealogy! Read a sample of this article... Comment: "I believe we're at the beginning of a fundamental shift in how we conduct our genealogy projects" is an attention-getting line. The article reviews mobile hardware (smartphones, tablets and eReaders)  and software (Apps). Thirty years ago many of us were faced with a decision, Betamax or VCR, and recognizing that it wasn't the superior technology which one out in that case are biding our time to see how the market shakes out.Research in Pennsylvania 
Carol Gohari looks at the resources available for researching in Northampton and Lehigh Counties
Family Tree Builder 5.0: A Bit of the Old, a Lot of the New! 
Tony Bandy examines the newest version of MyHeritage's Family Tree Builder Read a sample of this article... 
Comment: This is a lightly edited version of an article that appeared in the July/August issue of Family Chronicle, accompanied by an in-bag CD.Leafing Through History: What Our Ancestors Read Diane Dittgen looks at the magazines that informed and entertained our ancestors 
Comment:Reviews the evolution of periodicals that our US ancestors may have read. refers specifically to The American Periodical Series, an academic database found at many university libraries in the US.
Net Notes 
Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands (DVHH); The Canadian Letters and Images Project; Dayton, OH Rare Photos; British Workhouse Records
Czech Research: Who Was Jan Zabransky? IG's Edward Zapletal tries to solve the mystery of his great-grandfather by using the Catholic parish books of the Czech Regional Archives Online 
Researching Your French Roots 
Nik Walker goes online in search of online resources for tracing your French ancestry 
Military Burials: What You Need to Know! 
Sharon A. Wilson looks at a great online resource for tracing your military ancestor 
Comment: Another informative article for the US genealogist, and even for non-US genealogists like me who had a stray ancestor in the US Army.Investigating a Murder in the Family 
Richard Jordan delves deeper into a genealogical case of murder most foul 
What's in Your Google Toolbox 
Diane L. Richard reviews Lisa Louise Cooke's newest book 
Comment: Praises this book as a stepping stone, while mentioning that Google has much more to offer than in the book. With the recent changes at Google, including Google+, keeping such a book up to date has be nearly a full-time job - something more ephemeral might be better. 
Tracing Your Welsh Roots 
Alan Stewart looks at the top online resources for researching your ancestor from Wales
Comment: a valuable article covering the sources that Wales has in common with England, essential for Welsh research, and many specialized Welsh resources including those of the National Library of Wales. I had not been aware of the transcriptions of Monmouthshire Bishops Transcripts and Parish Registers athttp://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~monfamilies/monprts.htmJamboree Conference Round-Up! 
Edward Zapletal looks back at the 42nd Annual Southern California Genealogical Society's Jamboree
Using Google Scholar for Genealogy! 
Arnon Hershkovitz, PhD looks at yet another way to use Google for your research

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