17 July 2011

Family Tree DNA summer sale

A great opportunity to start into genetic genealogy if you've have not had your DNA tested. The sale prices are:

  • 37-marker Y-DNA test US $119 $149 
  • 67-marker Y-DNA test  US $199  $239 
  • mtDNA Full Sequence for US $219  $299 
  • Family Finder US $199  $289 
There are sale prices on test combinations too.
Existing Family Tree DNA customers may order the Family Finder test as an add-on for $199.
For most useful results order through a surname of geographical project, starting at http://www.familytreedna.com/projects.aspx
The sale will end on Thursday 21st July. Don't miss it.
For those in the Ottawa area, bring your results to the quarterly DNA interest group meeting and we'll help you understand them. I'll announce the next meeting, late in August, on the blog.

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