15 July 2011

Findmypast.co.uk launches Paddington Rifles records

The Paddington Rifles, database contains the names of over 8,600 men who served with the battalion from its inception in 1860 until its demise in 1912.
Its official title was the 36th Middlesex (1860-1880), later the 18th Middlesex Volunteer Rifle Corps, and later still (from 1908) The 10th (County of London) Battalion, the London Regiment (Paddington Rifles).

The database published here is based on muster rolls held at The National Archives in London, specifically:

WO 70 / 1 - 36th Middlesex Volunteer Rifle Corps 1860-74
WO70 / 2 - 36th Middlesex Volunteer Rifle Corps 1874-1888
WO70 / 3 18th (late 36th) Middlesex Volunteer Rifle Corps 1888-1903
WO70/4 18th Middlesex Volunteer Rifle Corps 1908
WO70/5 10th Battalion, London Regt 1908-09
WO70/17 10th Battalion, London Regt 1909
WO70/18 10th Battalion, London Regt 1909-11
WO70/19 10th Battalion, London Regt 1911-12

Further information at http://www.findmypast.co.uk/search/military/muster-rolls/paddington-rifles

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