10 July 2011

Family Chronicle: July/August 2011 issue

From the fertile minds at Moorshead magazine, and their flagship publication Family Chronicle, comes a money tree. It's right there on the front cover illustrating the lead article "Follow The Money For Accurate Results!" by Donna Murray. Records originally created to document financial transactions are often of great use to the family historian.

Unfortunately the money tree only grows hundred dollar US bills, perhaps they couldn't afford Canadian ones!

There are two articles by BIFHSGO members.

In "Deeds Not Words: Americans in the CEF" Glenn Wright points out that statistics are not good enough to distinguish US-born, and US resident soldiers who joined the Canadian forces during World War I, but as of August 1917 approximately 11,000 US born soldiers had proceeded overseas with the CEF.

Elizabeth Lapointe contributes "Grow Your Genealogy: Join a Society!" In marshaling the arguments in favor of joining a family history society she quotes Randy Seaver, Kathy Hinckley, Fraser Dunford, Jan Alpert, and Leyland Meitzler.

A timely item in the issue is Anthony Adolph's examination of the family history of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and the American branches in her family tree.

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