03 November 2012

Cyndi's trial

For just about as long as I've been interested in family history there's been Cyndi's List. Every introduction to genealogy talk I've heard, and given, has mentioned Cyndi's List as the go to place when you don't know where else to look on the Internet - when you find yourself venturing into what for you is uncharted territory.

Now that effort is under threat:

I've spent the last two days documenting and laying the foundation for a lawsuit because my entire web site was copied and put on another person's for-profit site. This has been gut-wrenching and heart-breaking. I'm exhausted and upset. And in the end it hurts all of you too because I didn't get any other work done on Cyndi's List during this time.
Read the full story, see and contribute to the outpouring of moral support Cyndi is getting at: https://www.facebook.com/CyndisList/posts/10151124004758951

 Thanks to Pamela Moore for the tip.

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